Full control of your hosting space with cPanel.

Configure, monitor and secure your websites from a user-friendly intuitive interface.

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cPanel is a control panel designed for Linux systems that gives you the ability to perform a variety of tasks to help manage your website and the different components of your hosting space, so you can focus on your business.

Thanks to its clear interface and numerous features, in just a few clicks you can fully manage your files, e-mails, databases, domain names, backups as well as your SSL certificates.

Main features of cPanel


Add, modify, delete files in your hosting space.


Create, manage and secure your databases.


Configure your domain names and DNS records.

FTP Manager

Create and manage FTP access to your hosting space.


Create and manage your mailboxes, mail redirects and automated replies.


Check detailed statistics about your visitors and how your hosting resources are being used (disk space, bandwidth, etc.)


Create backups and restore your data in the event of a problem.


Manage your SSL certificates and secure access to your data.

A user-friendly interface

Easily manage your web hosting services and websites.

cPanel enables you to better manage your web hosting from any location, on your desktop, tablet or Smartphone.

A simple and extensive dashboard

The cPanel dashboard helps you to more easily monitor your web hosting. It is intuitively built and mobile-friendly, making it possible for you to access and control your web hosting from practically anywhere!

Améliorez votre crédibilité avec une adresse e-mail professionnelle
Améliorez votre crédibilité avec une adresse e-mail professionnelle

Email management

Set up your email inboxes, check your messages, and create automated responses as well as filters to keep your emails well organized.

File Manager

Upload and edit your files effortlessly using the built-in file editor.

Améliorez votre crédibilité avec une adresse e-mail professionnelle
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Alternatively, it is available as an optional extra (for a fee) on our Cloud and Dedicated Server packages.

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