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Domain name recovery
UDRP Procedure

Did a cyber criminal register your national or international trademark as a ".ma", ".com", ".net" or any other extension in an attempt to resell it back to you or to profit from the reputation of your trademark?

A payment delay, an oversight of the registration renewal or any other non-intentional omission has resulted in the loss of your domain name rights?

Recover My Domain
Récupération de nom de domaine Procédure UDRP
genious communications récupère votre nom de domaine

Genious communications recovers your domain name!

As a major business asset, your brand is frequently the subject of criminal activity.

In Morocco and elsewhere, domain names are attributed to those who first apply for registration. This leads to many cases of Cybersquatting or Phishing in which malevolent people use a brand as a domain name in an effort to deceive customers or to resell the domain name back to the original brand owners.

How do you prevent abusive domain name registration and trademark usurpation?

Genious Communications has set up an expert team to recover domain names that have been subject to cybersquatting, whatever the extension under which they are registered, using a procedure known as the UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy).

What is the UDRP?

The UDRP is an international domain name dispute resolution procedure adopted by ICANN and managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center. It allows trademark owners to take action against those who have cybersquatted their domain names in an effort to recover them quickly.

In order to recover the cyber-squatted domain name, Genious Communications is committed to

Afin de récupérer le nom de domaine cybersquatté, Genious Communications s’engage à

Reviewing your trademark, your pre-existing rights and also the rights of the holder of the disputed domain name.

Providing expert advice and guidance.

Providing a detailed cost estimate.

Initiating the UDRP procedure.

Ensuring the follow-up of the case.

Recover My Domain

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