Brand protection

Genious Communications can help you secure and protect your brand online.

After a thorough analysis, a team of experts recommends the domain names to be registered in order to maximize your protection against fraudulent practices that can harm your brand image.

Protect my brand
Protection de marque

To better represent your brand online and help safeguard it from existing and emerging competitors, Genious Communications provides you with:

A qualified team to assist you.

An improved domain name management.

The registration of your domain name under different extensions based on the location of your company.

Protection de marque

To protect against what?

Scamming practices such as Phishing and Cybersquatting that can harm both your brand and your customers.


A practice that consists in buying or registering a domain name that is similar to a registered trademark in order to benefit from the brand’s notoriety or take unfair advantage of it.

It can occur in many different guises, the most common form is registering domain names using the non-registered domain extensions.


A practice of creating and registering domain names identical or similar to a company’s name or trademark in order to trick people and gather their personal data which may cause identity theft or financial loss.

Prevention remains the best defense

Genious Communications, with over 20 years of experience in the Web industry, and following a detailed analysis, offers you a list of domains to register in order to reduce the risks linked to these threats as much as possible.

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