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Data migration

A migration refers to the process of switching from one operating environment to another. As with any other system, this migration operation has its risks, going from an already existing state of information system to a set endpoint has to be completed smoothly.

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Migration des données

Why should you choose Genious' migration service?

At Genious Communications, we ensure that all of your data is migrated without loss. This is because the entire process is handled by our experts to guarantee that you have access to your services from the new environment in record time.

We manage the migration of your websites, your servers, your databases as well as your applications.

The value of data migration by Genious Communications

The simplicity of the process

Fill out your form, and our experts will contact you and handle the entire process.

Controlled migration

Transfers are carried out via different stages, from the technical study of the transferable census, through the test version and debugging, until the final transfer.

Customized transfer

Genious communications is committed, beyond the usual transfer process, to provide you with the transfer experience that best suits your needs.

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Our data migration service
includes the following

Notre service de migration de données inclut

Website migration

The standard migration steps may vary depending on the websites and the hosts of departure and arrival.

The basic principle remains the same, Genious Communications, provides you the service after a detailed technical study of your website.

Identifying your needs: This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked.

Identifying the target hosting according to those specific needs.

Database migration

Our rigorous methodology, the reliability of the technology we deploy at Genious, and the expertise we have garnered from large-scale projects we have completed, help us address your most specific requirements.

For a full and smart data recovery, let us handle your migration!

Server migration

Migrating from one server to another is not without risk, and there is even the possibility that your website could be offline for a while.

Genious Communications is ready to assist you throughout the migration process so you don't have to worry about any downtime.

Let our professionals handle your migration for greater speed, reliability and transparency.

Application Migration

Are you migrating a client/server application?

A desktop application or a web application? Would you like to move through remote, local or mobile access to data, but without compromising usability or productivity? Genious Communications has the solution for you, allowing you to keep costs and time under control.

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