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VPS Cloud Hosting

Combine the performance of a dedicated server with the flexibility of a virtual server.

Cloud VPS hosting is characterized by flexibility and adaptability. This type of hosting allows you to modify (add/remove) the resources of your Cloud VPS at any time without any intervention from us.

This solution favors a fast and efficient management of your hosting plan.

Enjoy the cloud
hébergement Cloud VPS

Choose your plan to take advantage of the full power of the Cloud


Processor : 1 CPU

Memory : 2 GB

Disk : 25 GB

Bandwidth : 500 GB

Uplink : 10 MB/s

IP Addresses : 1 IP

Best Seller


Processor : 2 CPU

Memory : 4 GB

Disk : 50 GB

Bandwidth : 1 TB

Uplink : 25 MB/s

IP Addresses : 2 IPs


Processor : 4 CPU

Memory : 8 GB

Disk : 100 GB

Bandwidth : 2 TB

Uplink : 50 MB/s

IP Addresses : 3 IPs


Processor : 8 CPU

Memory : 16 GB

Disk : 200 GB

Bandwidth : 4 TB

Uplink : 100 MB/s

IP Addresses : 4 IPs

With Genious Communications, your server is delivered in 5 minutes! Our VPS cloud provides a better stability and speed to your platform and data.
We give you the possibility to manage your server entirely from your client account: Restart, reinstall, increase or decrease your server resources with a few clicks.

Why choose
Cloud VPS hosting?


With Genious Communications, your Cloud VPS server is delivered automatically after settlement of the invoice.


We give you the possibility to fully manage your server from within your customer area.


Restart, reinstall, upgrade or downgrade your server in just a few clicks.

Des fonctionnalités à forte valeur ajoutée

Valuable features!

Fast hard drive

We are using a high-availability SAN in partnership with the leading storage company Nexenta, bringing you full data redundancy so that you no longer have to worry about any data integrity.

The disk is connected through a 10 GigE network to our Hypervisors to ensure high speed access to all your data.

Full automation

Reinstallation, password reset and rebooting can be carried out from your client interface enabling you to do all your everyday maintenance tasks with ease.

Full access to your Servers

Root access to your systems is your right! Reboot, Shutdown or reinstall any of your systems in just a few clicks.

Console Access

Access your server remotely using our Java Console.

Time is valuable

You have your servers ready to be deployed in under 5 minutes after settling your bill.


In case you need assistance for your Cloud VPS hosting pack, our support team is available to assist you 24/7.

Foire aux questions

Pour hébergement Cloud VPS

What is the minimum duration of my subscription?

There is no minimum period of subscription, you can either order your server monthly or yearly according to your preference and your needs.

How long does it take to install a cloud server?

Cloud servers generally take less than 5 minutes to be installed.

What is the difference between a cloud and a dedicated server?

Our Cloud VPS offers are the servers using the KVM virtualization technology based on KVM. Dedicated servers, meanwhile, are all physical machines.

Can I switch from one package to another?

You can upgrade your Cloud server at any time through your customer interface with just a few clicks.

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