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Register your domain name!

It all starts with a domain name!

Choose from a wide range of extensions and register your domain name today.

Tout commence par un nom de domaine !

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How do I choose my domain name?


Choose a name

The first thing to do is to pick a name. The name should be short, easy to remember and without any special characters (dashes or accents).

If you are a company, you can use the name of your company or a term that designates your main activity.

If you are an individual starting a new blog, you can use your last name and or a keyword that refers to the main focus or topic of your blog.


Choose a extension

Once you have chosen a name, you must then pick an extension

There are three types of extensions, generic extensions (gTLD), national extensions (ccTLD) and new generic extensions (newgTLD).
In general, it is best to choose a generic extension (such as .com or .net) if your website is aimed at an international audience. If your website is targeted to Internet users in a specific country, it is better to choose national extensions (like .ma).

If the name you chose is already registered on the generic and national extensions, you can look into the many new extensions that Genious has to offer.
These new extensions cover different activities and topics (such as .restaurant, .site etc.), so all you need to do is pick one that relates to your website's content.

Now that you know which domain name to pick, all you have to do is make sure it is available and then register it

Pourquoi enregistrer votre nom de domaine chez Genious Communications

Why register your domain name at Genious Communications?

Genious Communications is accredited by the ANRT (National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency) and is the first ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited organization in North Africa!

By choosing Genious Communications, you benefit from the following advantages:

Easy management of your domain name

Fully manage your domain names from an intuitive interface and perform frequent operations by yourself at any time (Lock/Unlock, Transfer Code Retrieval and more)

Diversified choice of extensions

Choose from hundreds of extensions and centralize your domain names with a single provider.


Our support team is always at your service and helps you with all your requests related to your domain names and their management.

Services available with your
domain name


Quick set up and management of all your web and email redirections.

ID Protection(*)

With the privacy option, your public Whois information (Last Name, First Name, address, etc.) linked to your domain name is masked.

DNS management

You can manage all your DNS records in your customer area and have full control over the management of your domain name.

Certificate of ownership

For .ma domain names, you can have a certificate of ownership that proves you are the owner of the domain name in question.

(*)This option is not applicable to .ma domain names.

Pourquoi est-il nécessaire d’avoir un nom de domaine

frequently asked questions

For Domain registration

How to register a domain name?

Check the domain name availability using the search bar at the top of the page.

If the domain name is available, you can order it immediately, if not you will need to choose another one or go through our brokerage service

Can I change my domain name after registration?

Once you have been notified by us that your domain name is registered, you can no longer change it.

But you can still register a new one.

Am I the owner of the requested domain name?

Yes, when you register a domain name, you become the owner of the domain name for the duration of the registration that you choose. At the end of that registration time, you can renew your domain name to extend the term.

If you do not renew your domain name, it becomes free and can be re-registered by anybody.

Genious can also assist you with recovering your domain name in case of a loss.

Can I change service providers?

Yes, you can switch providers at any time without our intervention.

There are however certain conditions set by ICANN that have to be fulfilled in order to transfer your domain name.

The domain must not have been previously registered, transfered or undergone a change of ownership in the last 60 days.

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