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SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a technology used to establish a secure link between a web browser and a web server through data encryption.

A secure website is identifiable by the HTTPS protocol and a padlock symbol displayed on the browser's address bar.

Secure my domain name
Certificats SSL
pourquoi utiliser un certificat ssl

Why should I use an ssl certificate?

Data encryption

Ensure data integrity and privacy for online transactions, log-in information and other confidential details.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improve your website's organic ranking on major search engines including Google, which promotes secure websites.

Brand image

Build up a sense of trust between you and your website audience to show that the safety of their data is a top priority for you.

Genious SSL

Several types of certificates depending on your needs

Genious SSL is the leading Moroccan Certificate Authority with over 12 years of expertise in the web and security space.

Simple domain

Starting at

$9.50 per year

Secures a single domain (with and without www)



Starting at

$112.50 per year

Secures a domain name and all of its subdomains.


Multi-domain / ucc

Starting at

$33.00 per year

Secures multiple domain names and/or sub-domains with one certificate.


Why choose
Genious SSL?

Security standards

All Genious SSL certificates are 2048-bit key signed, 256-bit RSA or ECC encrypted and are fully compatible with 99.9% of web browsers.


The Genious Communications support team is at your disposal to help you through the process of validating your SSL certificates.

Low cost of ownership

Genious SSL certificates are made available from as little as $9.50 .

frequently asked questions

For SSL Certificates

What is the difference between a DV, OV and EV?

Before a Certification Authority generates an SSL certificate, it must ensure that you are the owner of the domain names you intend to secure.

Depending on the type of SSL certificate, there are three levels of validation:

DV (Domain Validation) : DV certificates are the fastest SSL certificates to be issued, validation is carried out either by email, CNAME (DNS) or HTTP.

OV (Organization Validation) : OV certificates are limited to companies. The certification authority carries out a verification similar to DV certificates and additionally checks whether the company is active, reviews the company's legal documents and conducts a phone call to ensure that the company is contactable. This validation can take several days.

EV (Extended Validation) : The EV certificate is limited to companies and provides a very high validation level. The certification authority carries out a similar verification process to OV certificates and also verifies that the domain name to be secured is registered in the company's name. This type of certificate can take several days to be validated. Once an EV certificate is successfully installed, the company name is displayed in the browser address bar when users visit the website.

How do I install my certificate?

Once your certificate is ready, you will need to install it on your server or cPanel hosting account. We have provided you with a complete configuration and installation guide for Shared/CPanel hosting here

You can also request our technical team to install your SSL certificate. Installation fees start from 150.00 Dhs excl.

VAT and vary depending on the type of certificate and the server on which it will be installed! Feel free to request a quote before ordering your SSL certificate by emailing us at and please include the name of the certificate to be installed and the server category.

Do I need an ssl certificate for each domain?

There are certificates that can secure multiple domains or subdomains (Multi-Domain and Wildcard certificates). The main advantage of this type of certificate is that you do not need to manage several certificates at the same time while also keeping an eye on the expiry date of each one of them.

Is it possible to install an ssl certificate on multiple servers?

Usually, SSL certificates may be installed on more than one server, however, there are some certificates (such as Symantec certificates) that are only valid for one server, you can also extend the number of secure servers for this type of certificate when placing your order.

What is the difference between a wildcard and a multi-domain?

Wildcard certificates allow you to secure a single domain name and all its subdomains using only one certificate (e.g.,, etc.).

Multi-domain SSL certificates allow you to secure several domain names or sub-domains based on your requirements. You simply choose the number of SANs (additional domains) you would like to secure when placing your order. (Example:,, etc.)

How long is an ssl certificate valid?

All the SSL certificates we offer are valid for a period of 1 or 2 years, SSL certificates are not renewable and a new certificate must be generated and installed before your current SSL certificate expires.

How do I generate my CSR (certificate signing request)?

You can generate your CSR directly from your server, or by using our CSR generator available via the following link.

What does the warranty on ssl certificates cover?

The warranty protects the final user. If the Certificate Authority issues an SSL Certificate to a fraudulent website and a user loses money because of that website when they thought they were dealing with an authenticated body, an insurance policy will reimburse the user up to the value of the SSL Certificate warranty.

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