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Addon domain

An add on domain allows to reach directly a sub-domain by entering the name of the add on domain in the bar of the browser. It means that it is possible to host several supplementary domains on your account.


The anti-spam is a group of systems and technical means organized to fight against spams. A spam is a not sought advertising E-mail.


In front of attacks of virus, the saving of the data of a system through a software backup on a relocated site has become a necessity.


The bandwidth represent the data transferred from a backbone to a server. It's usually measured in Kbits or Mbits.


Small IT program, written in language of script, which allows to realize dynamic pages, to interact with the Web server and to manage in particular the data stemming from forms which the Internet user sends from a web page.


Shared hosting of servers, belonging to persons or companies, in the premises of an Internet service provider or a center of Internet data.

Control panel

A control panel (control panel) is a graphical interface installed on the server and which allows you to manage your Web site (to manage the entering mails, to create and manage databases, to create sub-domains, to protect your Web pages, to configure accounts ftp, to modify your password, etc) or to create and to manage clients' accounts: username, password, quotas on disk space, limits of band-width, etc This interface enables you to control quickly and easily all the aspects of your Web site. Among the control panels used by Genious, there is Cpanel and Ple


CPanel is very popular and quickly became the panel of control of hosting the most used on Web. The first impression that we have of cPanel is the simplicity: a simple interface with several icons representing the main functions of the panel of control. Thanks to the interface companion of the cPanel, the WHM (Web Host Manager). This interface allows the administrator of the server or the retailer to configure 99 % of the parameters of servers (including the configuration PHP, Apache, RAM, by arriving at the quotae of the accounts and the bandwidth) from the same interface.

Hundreds of tools which compose the cPanel and the WHM make the management console used on more than 48 % of the servers Linux in the world. The most remarkable tool for a beginner is the tool of correction of problems of e-mail (E-mail Troubleshooting) which allows to fix all the problems of permissions, reception and sending of e-mail for the accounts accommodated on your waiter(server).

Furthermore, many scripts and programs are developed around this console, as Fantastico, who allows the installation / deinstallation of 52 scripts in a single click, without forgetting its compatibility completed with thousands of programs of automation.

CPanel is offered with all our Packs of hosting Linux.


Protocol used on Internet which allows to translate the URL addresses (in letters) into addresses IP (constituted only by a continuation of figures). At the highest level of the hierarchy is situated the TLD ( Top Level Domains), below we find SLD ( second Level Domain).


Secure center of data where it is possible to host a large number of Internet servers belonging to companies.

Besides offering an environment secured for the hosting of the equipment, a service of center of Internet data joins generally the management and the control of the used technologies: a very powerful internet connection to the servers, software, equipments, networks,security and maintenance, infrastructures, etc.

The main advantages of a service of center of Internet data are: the reliability, the minimum investment, the adjustable bandwidth, the flexibility and the security.

Our servers are situated in Montreal in Canada, in a center of data in Canix.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting contrary to shared hosting where the server is divided, in dedicated web hosting , you rent a whole server (material and operating system) at a hoster and the whole server belongs to you. It is dedicated to you. You are on your premise. You can choose the software which you want to use. You can configure the server as good as it seems to you. Dedicated hosting is the ideal solution for the very occupied Web sites which consume much monthly traffic or which need more than 10% (relative) of the resources of the server. Administration system for dedicated servers is generally carried out remotely through a control panel.

Disk space

It is the disk space assigned for your account. The space includes files, databases and accounts e-mails. With Genious, You have all the time the possibility of adding supplementary space to your packs of hosting.

Domain name

A domain name is composed by a name (mark, company, family name, etc) and an extension. The latter can be a geographical suffix of two letters (.fr, .de for example) or a generic suffix in three letters (.com, .net for example).

Any machine on the Internet is identified by a succession of figures (addresses IP) not easily memorable. To simplify this identification, it was decided to make correspond at each address IP a different name: domain name.


Secure computer network, generally constituted by a part of the intranet of a company or of an organization communicating through the Internet network, which is approachable to a clientele extern(day pupil) targeted that must use a password. The extranet is sometimes reserved for a number restricted of persons outside the company or the organization, in particular its partners, its customers or suppliers.


File constituted by the questions most frequently put by the Internet users novices as well as the corresponding answers. Note (s): in the forums, FAQ aims at making easier the integration of the Internet users novices and at decreasing the number of useless messages spread in the network.


Protocol of transfer of files which allows to download a copy of data chosen by the Internet user, from a computer to the other one, according to the model customer-server. The downloaded data can take the shape of software, files of all kinds (texts, graphs, images, sounds, etc.).

The abbreviation FTP is also used to call the applications which work according to the protocol FTP, as well as transfers were made thanks to this protocol.


IT's the device which allows the selective passage of the streams of information between two networks, as well as the neutralization of the outside attempts of penetration. According to the expressed needs, firebreaks can take various forms. So, they can be constituted by one or by several software security using, in association, additional checking procedures, or be formed by a group of equipments and of software specially conceived for a complete protection of networks.


Action to host a Web site or a personal page on a server, in order to make them available on Internet. Hosting is a service offered by a provider or a hoster, who allows you to get a disk space on its server to diffuse your site on the Web.


Internic is founded by the National Science Foundation, whose mandate is to promote and manage Internet network. Internic consists of three large companies: Network Incorporated Solutions, for inscription services, AT& T for the management of the directories and the databases and General Atomics for information services. We can compare Internic with a gigantic stand of internet Data.

IP Address

The IP address identifies in a unique way a computer connected to the Internet network and allows the localisation. As the Internet number and the Internet name, which serve for identifying a web site, can be indifferently used to reach this site, we consider them as addresses. It is the reason why the term sends Internet is widely used to indicate these two notions.

Internet Backbone

Part of the Internet network, formed by a high speed connection links, serving for interconnecting the smaller networks which are connected with it, inside a country or inside a region.


MySQL is now a standard on the Web. SQL, acronym of Structured Packet Exchange = language structured for the requests is the language allowing the interrogation, the management and the update of the base and to carry out thus various operations (to reach a field by a request, to create a new table, to read or modify the value of a field.

MySQL is a principal part of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/python), a pile open to rapid growth of software company of source.

Navigator / Browser

Client Software able to exploit the hypertextes resources and hypermedias Web as well as the internet resources as a whole, which thus allows research of information and access to this information. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape Communicator and Opera are examples of Web navigators.

Parked domains

Parked domains (timekeepers of domain) allow "to point" or "to park" supplementary domains on your existing hosted account, what allows the Internet users to reach your domain when they seize the URL of the domain parked or clocked(pointed,stuck) in their browser.


Control panel recommended for Windows...The interface of Plesk, with the design pointing out that of Windows XP, facilitates the access to the Linux system hosting and was conceived to support and manage tens of virtual hosting on only one machine.

Plesk is used by 2 million servers of professional hosters in the world.

Plesk is the ideal solution for the Web-agencies, developers, webdesigners wishing to offer a hosting service of quality to their customers and wishing a simplified management their tasks of current administration system.

Retailer webmaster access makes it possible to set and follow the domain names management, disk space and others.

  • Creation of sub-domains
  • Addition and management of applications related to the site starting from the applicatif pack, mambo, typo, bone trade‚Ķ.(option)
  • Management of the addresses of transport related to the fields
  • Fast and automatic creation of the DNS and adapted entries, such as for Apache, ftp.
  • Creation of standard redirections or via windows frames.
  • Management of certificates SSL by domain.
  • Management of the whole of domains with only one login.
  • Monitoring BASIC of the band-width by type of traffic: HTTP/htpps, pop3, smtp, IMAP, ftp, etc.
  • Evolution of the available resources of an existing site, management of the permissions
  • Management of all the fields managed via only one login
  • Multiple management of the alias domain pointing on the same site (ex: and -
  • Management of the users
  • Gérer les utilisations avec Frontpage.
  • Management of various MySQL databases by site
  • Creation of emails, mailing lists, automatic answering devices
  • Creation of protected repertories (SSL and not SSL), and assignment of users per repertory
  • Management of the parameters Anonymous FTP (band-width, repertory of entry, simultaneous accesses, etc)
  • Management of the use with Frontpage
  • Activation/desactivation ‚Äúone-off‚Äù of the domains
  • Creation and management of the mailing-lists
  • Use of Crontab manager

The access of your customer enables him to manage and consult:

  • Creation of sub-domains
  • Configuration of the sites and update of the setting of the applications
  • Upload, management, safeguard and restitution of the files of the site
  • Créer les redirections standards ou à travers les fenêtres frame.
  • Creation of standard redirections or via windows frame
  • Management of certificates SSL by domain
  • Management of the whole of the fields with only one login
  • Monitoring BASIC of the band-width by type of traffic: HTTP/htpps, pop3, smtp, IMAP, ftp, etc
  • Evolution of the available resources of an existing site, management of the permissions
  • Management of all the managed domains via only one login
  • Multiple management of the alias domains pointing on the same site (ex: and
  • Analyzes logs of the site with the tool Webalizer or Awstats
  • Creation and management of the users, permissions of use of scripts, assignment of disk space quota
  • Management of various MySQL databases by site
  • Creation of emails, mailing lists, automatic answering devices
  • Creation of protected repertories (SSL and not SSL), and assignment of users per repertory
  • Management of the Anonymous FTP settings (band-width, repertory of entry, simultaneous accesses, etc)
  • Management of the use with Frontpage
  • Activation/desactivation « on-off » of the domains
  • Creation and management of the mailing-lists
  • Management of it's emails
  • Management of the preferences
  • Setting of the automatic answering devices and aliases
  • Reception and consultation of the emails anywhere at any time since a simple navigator via Webmail
  • Modification of the passwords of the mail accounts
  • Setting of the disk space quotas by account
  • Plesk is offered with all our windows hosting packs.


Order transmitted by TCP/IP to ask the confirmation that the computer addressed by its address IP is active on Internet.


Format of syndication of web contents, based on the XML, which allows to index the contents automatically a Web site and to place it instantaneously at the disposal of other sites. Format RSS is in fact a manner of describing the contents of a Web site (articles, information, events) and more generally any page which presents updated contents chronologically. It allows Web sites automatically to post the last titles published on another site. Created with origin by Netscape, format RSS from now is usually used, in particular in the blogs, to divide contents between Web sites. One can reach files RSS with the agregators, of the readers specialized for wire RSS. RSS is the acronym of Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0), RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9,1.0 and 1.1) or Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91), according to the various versions.


Registrar is a management and registry office of domain names, accredited by the ICANN, regulatory agency of Internet, for the generic domain names (.com, .net,...) or by the local register for the national extensions. The registrar of Genious is eNom.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Recording a Web site in the search engines and repertories of research in order to make it known with the Net surfers, in increasing the visibility and increasing the number of visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation of a Web site is done according to research tools, by specifying the URL addresses of the site and the email addresses of the Webmaster, and especially by adding other information such as the title of the page; reception, a descriptive text, a category, some words key, etc.


Protocol of coding of the data which ensures safety during their transmission on Internet. It's the protocol used for the secure payment , especially on the AVODroits-NTIC site where you can make your purchases in full safety.

Secure Access

Access to a computer network according to a procedure which allows to check the authorization of access of a user, generally by a code of identification and a password.


Within the framework of a data-processing network, the server is a computer and a software whose role is to answer requests automatically sent by computer and software known as " clients" via the network. We often uses server in the centers of data processing, the companies, the institutions and Internet network. The use of the servers is carried out into simultaneous by many users to store, share and exchange information.

Shared Hosting

In (shared or virtual hosting), the disk spaces, the band-width and the resources of the server are shared with a great number of Web sites. The whole disk space of the server is divided into small portions and you rent a portion. The disk space, the band-width and the functionalities which are allocated to you depend on the hosting pack that you bought.


Generally the purpose of these messages are commercial or are to harm the person to which they are sent. In a forum, denigration systematic and organized of a product by the spam can be sanctioned by justice, subject to evidence, which is extremely difficult. Nowadays, the spam is not regarded as an infringement, neither in Morocco, neither in France, neither in Great Britain, nor in the United States...


The sub-domain is often used within a personalized contents. Ex: " " has for sub-domain;"

Traffic / Monthly Transfer

It is the quantity of data that the visitors can transfer since a Web site during a period of time. Not to confuse with " bandwidth ". In telecommunications, the bandwidth can define itself as the width of the "pipe" which the host rents in the center of data and the traffic, the " number of gallons of water " (the quantity of data) which one accommodated is allowed to push through this pipe a month. Use this tool to estimate approximately the traffic engendered by a Web site.

Virtual server

Range of files and hosting services which seems to be on a distinct server, but which is not associated with a specific server. Each virtual server has its domain name and its address IP, and is presented in the form of an individual Web site. A Web server which deals with the virtual servers is also called Web server with multiple hosting.

Web server

It's a computer which hosts Web pages and answers the requests coming from the Web navigators. A Web server is also called HTTP serve. In fact, a Web server stores files of which the URL starts with http://. A Web server is also called addresses Internet or addresses network: in a URL, single name which identifies a waiter Internet.


A webmail is a Web interface making possible the broadcast, the consultation and the manipulation of e-mails directly on Web since a browser, contrary for the customer of messaging who allows these operations from a software in premises on a personal computer. Webmails bases generally on protocols of access to servers of messaging. All the Packs of Genious are endowed with integrated Webmail.


Electronic directory which contains information on the Internet users, the web sites, the domains and the networks of Internet.

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