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Web hosting accessible to everyone

We have been supporting our clients in their needs for over 20 years.

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Everything starts with a domain name.

If you have a project in mind, the very first thing you should consider is reserving your domain name; this will be your unique online address. Whether it's a generic term or your company's name, the choice of your domain name or extension can significantly contribute to the success of your online project.

Genious offers you a variety of extensions to enhance your site and enjoy good visibility on the web.

Offers and Services of Genious

Our main objective is to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to meet your needs, whether in terms of storage space, domain names, or professional email.

Whether you are an individual, a company, or another entity, we offer you a range of computer servers and 24/7 support.

Hosting for every need.

A website must be accessible at all times, making reliable web hosting essential. Our team will assist you in choosing the appropriate hosting plan.
Our offer is comprehensive, ready-to-use, and includes various tools, software, and resources to facilitate the deployment of your project.

Hosting my website
Un hébergement pour chaque besoin

Proximity and data

Web Hosting in

Genious can host your data in a Tier III certified datacenter, providing you with tailor-made web hosting solutions in Morocco.

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Our email and online collaboration tools

Our partnerships

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Online messaging is the most popular communication tool on the Internet, that is why we provide you with a full range of professional messaging and online collaboration tools.

Nos solutions mail et de collaboration en ligne

Genious Mail Solution

A high-performance and affordable email solution.


Google workspace

The professional messaging and collaboration tool from Google.


Microsoft 365

Benefit from the Microsoft Office 365 suite and Microsoft's business email solutions.



A complete solution to detect and filter unwanted, malicious spam emails.


Managed Services

Our expert team is committed to your success.

Genious is a reputable company with a solid notoriety among the web hosting leaders in Morocco. A team of professionals tailored to your specific requirements will meet your needs at all times. They dedicate their efforts to providing personalised and advanced solutions on a full-time basis:

  • To ensure continuity of service our teams provide 24/7 server monitoring.

  • All our managed hosting offers include data backup.

  • We provide security updates for both your server operating system and apps.

  • Our maintenance team ensures the optimization and the proper functioning of your hardware and software.

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SSL Certificate

SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer is a technology that enables establishing a secure link between a browser and a Web server by encrypting the data between the two.

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Certificat SSL Certificat SSL

Genious SSL Offers

Simple Domain

Starting at
$9.50 per year

To secure a single domain name (with and without www)



Starting at
$112.50 per year

To secure a single domain name and all its sub-domains


Multi-domain /UCC

Starting at
$33.00 per year

To secure multiple domain names with a single certificate

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Genious authorized partner’s program

Presentation of the program

Our Authorized partner program is built for entreprises as well as individuals wishing to offer web hosting services, to take full advantage of the resources and services of Genious Communications.

Our program’s offers

Three offers: Reseller, Distributor and Partner, gathering attractive advantages and discounts from 3% to 20% available on 13 different products !


Save up to


Save up to


Save up to


Why choose Genious to create your website?

What is Genious Security and what are its advantages?

Genious Security offers a comprehensive security service for websites and applications, meeting businesses' requirements for data protection.

With its 7 key features (Web Detect, Web Patch, Web DNS, Web Clean, Web Firewall, Web Backup & Restore, Web Comply), it provides very high security. Suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors, Genious Security analyzes and automatically removes vulnerabilities from your website before they compromise your software or databases.

Why choose Genious to register my domain name?

Accredited by ANRT and the first ICANN-accredited organization in North Africa, Genious Communications offers simplified management of domain names through an intuitive interface. Benefit from complete management of your domains, from locking/unlocking to retrieving transfer codes.

Enjoy a diverse selection of extensions and centralize your domains with a single provider. Our technical support is always available to assist you.

Why choose Genious to host my website?

Genious Communications offers ultra-performant and highly secure servers to ensure the reliability of your data.

Benefit from expert and flexible technical support to adapt your web hosting seamlessly. With cPanel, easily manage your domain names, databases, and emails.

How can I enhance my credibility with a professional email address from Genious?

Genious Mail Solution is a service designed for businesses aiming to have stable, high-quality professional email messaging.

Our offer includes a dedicated IP address for each client, thereby avoiding all email routing issues typically encountered with other traditional solutions.

The offered package also ensures synchronization of your contacts/calendars from Genious Webmail with all your devices (PC/Mac and iOS/Android mobiles).

Why entrust server management to Genious?

Server management involves delegating the management, optimization, security, and administration of servers or IT infrastructure to an external provider or a company specialized in system administration.

This service requires the intervention of domain specialists to ensure the proper functioning of servers and their applications.

Why choose Genious SSL?

Genious SSL is the first Moroccan sub-certification authority with over 12 years of experience in the field of web and security.

Security standards:
Genious SSL certificates use 2048-bit keys and RSA or ECC 256-bit encryption, ensuring compatibility with 99.9% of browsers.

Dedicated support:
The support team at Genious Communications guides you through all the steps of validating your SSL certificates.

Competitive prices:
Starting from just $9.50, Genious SSL certificates offer high-quality security at an affordable price.

A trusted partner for thousands of major digital brands.

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