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Transfer your domain name without any hassle and have it handled by experts.

Pourquoi est-il nécessaire d’avoir un nom de domaine

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Pourquoi transférer votre nom de domaine chez Genious

Why transfer your domain name to Genious?

Genious is the leader in .ma registrations and the first registrar to be ICANN accredited in North Africa.

Transfer your domain name to us and benefit from many advantages :

Easy management

You can, thanks to an intuitive interface, configure both your DNS and Nameservers, change WHOIS information, lock/unlock your domain names and obtain your transfer codes (EPP).

Centralize your domains

Make your life easier by centralising your domain names at a single provider.

With more than 350 extensions at your disposal, it will become simpler for you to manage all of your domain names.

A 24-hour support

Our support team assists you with any technical or administrative issues relating to your domain names.

What you need to know before transferring a domain name.

Before you transfer your domain name to Genious Communications, you need to check a few points :

Unlock your domain name

You need to make sure the domain name is unlocked at your previous provider.

EPP code

Get your transfer code (also called EPP code) from your existing provider.

Contact Address

Make sure that the current domain name owner's email address is a valid one, as an email message will be emailed to that address to confirm the transfer.

Transfer terms and conditions

A generic domain name (gTLD) can not be transferred if:

- The domain was registered or transferred within the last 60 days.

- The registrant (holder) contact information was modified within the last 60 days.

Les points à vérifier avant de transférer un nom de domaine

How do I transfer my domain name to Genious?

Once you have completed the above procedures, and obtained your transfer code (EPP) from your current provider, you can start the transfer of your domain name:

Ce qu’il vous reste à faire

What remains for you to do


Enter the domain name to be transferred on the top search bar of this page.


Enter the EPP code when requested.


Click on the link that you will get by email to confirm the transfer.


It usually takes 5 to 7 days for the transfer to be completed.

frequently asked questions

For transfer a domain name

Can I transfer my domain name to another account at Genious?

Yes, you only need to send us a request in written form by ticket through your customer area. Usually, we will transfer the domain to the account you want and you will just have to change the whois information as you need.

For instance, for the change of ownership of .ma domain names, the ANRT asks to attach a change of ownership form that must be filled out and then signed by both the new and the old owner.

For such special cases, please contact our team for information and assistance in these procedures.

Is the transfer procedure always the same?

Yes, the transfer procedure from one provider to another is the same regardless of your domain name extension.

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