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Linux Shared Hosting

An economical hosting solution to make your first steps on the Internet easier

Linux shared hosting is aimed at showcase websites, blogs and other sites with limited traffic.

This type of web hosting is especially designed for the general public since it is affordable, easy to use and supports many different programming languages: PHP, MySQL, HTML, etc.

Hébergement Mutualisé Linux

Linux Shared Hosting is compatible with

drupal wordpress joomla php mysql magento prestashop python perl

Choose the Linux shared hosting solution
that suits your needs

Save 20%




the first year

$50.00 at renewal

Disk Space : 25 GB

Bandwidth : 250 GB

E-Mail Accounts : 10

FTP Accounts : 5

Databases : 5

Subdomains : 5

CPU Limit : 1 Ghz

Memory Limit : 256M

I/O limit (IO) : 1MB/s

Hourly Emails Limit : 100

Concurrent Connections : 10

Addon domains : 0

Parked domains : 5

MySQL Version : MariaDB 10.6

PHP Version : 7.4, 8.0, 8.1

Webserver : Litespeed

SSH Access

24/7 Mail Support

Phone Support

Save 25%




the first year

$89.50 at renewal

Disk Space : 250 GB

Bandwidth : 2.5 TB

E-Mail Accounts : 100

FTP Accounts : 10

Databases : 10

Subdomains : 10

CPU Limit : 2 Ghz

Memory Limit : 512 MB

I/O limit (IO) : 2 MB/s

Hourly Emails Limit : 150

Concurrent Connections : 15

Addon domains : 1

Parked domains : 10

MySQL Version : MariaDB 10.6

PHP Version : 7.4, 8.0, 8.1

Webserver : Litespeed

SSH Access

24/7 Mail Support

Phone Support

Save 30%




the first year

$149.50 at renewal

Disk Space : Unlimited *

Bandwidth : Unlimited

E-Mail Accounts : Unlimited

FTP Accounts : Unlimited

Databases : Unlimited

Subdomains : Unlimited

CPU Limit : 3 Ghz

Memory Limit : 1024 MB

I/O limit (IO) : 3 MB/s

Hourly Emails Limit : 200

Concurrent Connections : 20

Addon domains : 2

Parked domains : Unlimited

MySQL Version : MariaDB 10.6

PHP Version : 7.4, 8.0, 8.1

Webserver : Litespeed

SSH Access

24/7 Mail Support

Phone Support

Pourquoi choisir l’hébergement mutualisé Linux de Genious

Why choose Linux shared hosting by Genious?

Secure and high-performance servers

Your data is managed on high-performance servers installed in highly secure environments to ensure your data reliability.

Expert Support

Our support team is made up of web hosting experts ready to answer your questions.


Choose the right plan according to your specific demands and switch to another web hosting plan at any moment, with no downtime costs and only a prorata fee.


With the cPanel management interface, you benefit from a simple and autonomous way to manage all of your domain names, databases and e-mails.

Included with your shared Linux package

FTP Access


Mail redirection

Mail support

Fast transfer


High added
value features!

Web server

LiteSpeed is a high-performance Apache compatible web server capable of handling a very high number of concurrent requests.

Operating system

CloudLinux is an operating system designed specifically for shared hosting environments to maximize the server’s security, stability and performance.

Daily backup

Get the most out of R1Soft backup solution: each time you update your hosting space, a smart backup is saved automatically, allowing you to have a backup of the last 30 days.


Genie is an App Store designed to help you manage all of your application needs. Setup, updates, backups: you can have it all with just a few clicks!

See more details

Control panel

cPanel provides you with complete control over your hosting space. The dashboard gives you a full set of management features available for your account (databases, web, emails, ...).

See more details
Des fonctionnalités à forte valeur ajoutée

frequently asked questions

For Linux shared hosting

Which shared hosting to choose: Linux or windows?

The below table helps you to choose between Linux and Windows hosting depending on your needs. You should select the hosting plan that fits in with the technology your website was developed under.

However, if you do not know such details, we suggest going for Linux hosting, as it is the most popular type of web hosting.

Development tool



WordPress® or similar applications
PHP, MySQL, CGI, Python or Perl
Dreamweaver or others applications WYSIWYG

How much disk space and bandwidth is actually in the "neat" package?

There is no limit to the amount of disk space or bandwidth provided in the "Neat" shared hosting package. However, the use of disk space and bandwidth should be limited to the normal operation of a personal or small business website. In this respect, the e-mail disk quota must not exceed 100 GB per hosting account while using the "NEAT" offer.

Failing this, the customer is informed that his resource usage is excessive and affects the proper functioning of Genious Communications' web hosting service. The customer's account will then be suspended with no prior notice to ensure that all the platform customers are provided with an adequate level of service.

It is strictly forbidden for customers who subscribed to shared hosting packages to store and/or host file-sharing sites and/or to stream. Genious Communications provides dedicated hosting or Cloud-VPS solutions for these high-traffic websites.

How much time does it take to activate my hosting space?

Once your invoice has been paid, an email with your login information will be automatically sent to the address that you provided when placing your order.

What happens if I exceed the authorized resources?

If we have any concerns about your account's bandwidth or disk space usage, we will send you an email requesting that you reduce your usage by upgrading to a higher plan that matches your needs.

Is it possible to install a java application?

For more information about tomcat hosting, please check out our Dedicated Servers or Cloud Hosting offers.

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