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E-commerce hosting

Choose the package that suits you best


Disk Space : 50 GB

Bandwidth : 500 GB

E-Mail Accounts : 10

CPU Cores : 1

Memory : 2 GB

IOPS : 1024

I/O limit (IO) : 2 MB/s

Concurrent connections : 20


Disk Space : 100 GB

Bandwidth : 1000 GB

E-Mail Accounts : 50

CPU Cores : 2

Memory : 4 GB

IOPS : 2048

I/O limit (IO) : 4 MB/s

Concurrent connections : 40


Disk Space : 200 GB

Bandwidth : 2000 GB

E-Mail Accounts : 100

CPU Cores : 4

Memory : 8 GB

IOPS : 4096

I/O limit (IO) : 8 MB/s

Concurrent connections : 80

E-Commerce hosting is compatible with

drupal wordpress joomla php mysql magento prestashop python perl

The perfect web hosting for your e-commerce website.

Have you just started an e-commerce activity ? And you’re looking for high-performance web hosting at an affordable price? Genious Communications' E-commerce hosting offer is the right solution to start up your e-commerce business with no technical hassle.

We have three packs that include all the essential tools for a successful e-commerce website running. But that's not all! A free Genious Easy SSL certificate is also included for extra security of your online store.

Pourquoi choisir l’hébergement mutualisé Windows de Genious

High-value features!

Three packs comprising all the necessary tools for the smooth running of your ecommerce website!

Not only that, but also a free Genious Easy SSL certificate for your online store.


Enable the padlock and the https protocols to make your data transfer, your banking transactions as well as your login infos more secure.

Cache plugins

Reduce the time it takes to load your e-commerce website thanks to caching plugins.

CMS E-Commerce

Choose and install e-commerce based CMS adapted to your requirements in just one click!


Back up all your e-commerce website data using our automated/manual backup feature.


Get technical support and tailor-made guidance for improved management of your e-commerce hosting space.


Enable SSH Access to manage your account from a Command-line interface.

WAF (Web Application Firewall)

All malicious requests are blocked at the web server level before reaching your website to protect you from any type of malware attacks.

Dedicated IP

Every website that is being hosted on our e-commerce web hosting is assigned a dedicated IP address.

frequently asked questions

For E-Commerce Hosting

Is the e-commerce package a dedicated server?

The e-commerce hosting package is a premium shared hosting package providing all the necessary tools to keep your e-commerce platform running smoothly, with no need to pay for a dedicated server.

I have an e-commerce site that is taking a lot of time to load, will an e-commerce hosting package help in loading the site?

Indeed, the e-commerce hosting package comes with a number of tools that significantly help in speeding up your website loading, moreover, each cached page through our LiteSpeed Web Server gets loaded in under a second.

How quickly will my ecommerce hosting account be activated?

Your account will be instantly activated after your invoice payment is settled using one of the several payment options we have.

Can I migrate to a dedicated server later?

Yes, you can migrate to another platform at any time paying only for the pro rata.

Will I be able to upgrade my ecommerce hosting plan?

Yes, you can upgrade from one offer to another at any time with no downtime and paying only for the price difference.

What are the cache plugins supported in this package?

LiteMage ( Magento Cache )

Wordpress Cache

Prestashop Cache

OpenCart Cache

Laravel Cache

Shopware Cache

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