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Data backup

Genious Communications ensures through its backup solution that all of your data is backed up, so that you can access it whenever you want.
Backup is key to preserve your data in the event of an attack, a failure or sudden breakdown.

Sauvegarde des données

Why request a backup service?

Imagine losing your data or your entire website to an unknown attack or vulnerability!

To cope with this, backup is done to preserve data in case of an attack, failure or unpredictable deterioration.

Choose the right plan to backup your data

R1SOFT External Backup

Set up automatic backups from an easy-to-use interface and restore your files and databases at any time with R1Soft.

50 GB

100 GB

200 GB

250 GB


Backup your files and database on a distant server by using any protocol you require.

50 GB

100 GB

200 GB

250 GB

Why choose Genious backup?

Genious Communications' backup plan is available through R1Soft as an external backup with a retention time of up to 30 days, as it can be carried out locally for a period of time that you choose ranging from one week to one quarter.

Genious Communications offers a backup system based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption of your data to protect your documents, files and folders, because the security of your data is of great importance to us.

Les champs d’intervention de Genious Communications

Genious Communications' fields of activity

Optimization and control of backup infrastructure usage.

Supervision and backup of backup software.

Carrying out backup actions depending on the vision defined by the client or on demand.

Data restoration for files, folders, databases,...

Bare-metal restore.

Complete restoration of your machine.

Follow-up of the backup process.

Setting up backup requests "on demand" as well as any modifications required by the clients.

Restoration incident analysis.

Recommendation and intervention planning in case of malfunction.

frequently asked questions

For Data backup

What is the difference between R1SOFT External Backup and (FTP/SCP/SSH/RSYNC) Backup ?

R1Soft is an automated data backup solution, via an interface that helps to control backup frequency as well as the retention time in a convenient way.

Backup (FTP, SCP, SSH, RSYNC) refers to a hosting space that can be used for remote copying of the data you want to backup. This copy can be made through a number of ways: FTP, SCP, SSH, RSYNC, etc.

How important is database backup?

Database backup is essential to provide much-needed security for in-house documents, as databases are typically home to a company's valuable, core data.

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