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Professional anti-spam solution

The best solution for blocking unwanted email.

SpamExpertsSolution anti spam professionnel

SpamExperts is an email filter system designed to scan inbound email for spam before it ever gets to your server.

Why choose SpamExperts ?

SpamExpertsSolution anti spam professionnel

Spamexperts applies its own exclusive and intelligent auto-learning technology to remove spam before it hits your network.

An added layer of inbound protection filtering on both your email flow and your infrastructure creates further consistency and continuity in your email messaging process.

In case the destination mail server cannot be accessed, the SpamExperts filter systems wait for inbound mail.

Get full control of your email flow and make your teams more efficient.

Our SaaS email filter system can save you an enormous amount of time by keeping spam processing time to a minimum.

Instantly detect any new spam and malware

SpamExperts constantly upgrades existing techniques employed in the gathering and processing of secured data, instantly identifying new patterns and derailing threats.

Fast tracking protection from new threats is guaranteed since this intelligence is being shared in real time with all of our customers across the globe.

Improve resources effectiveness & save up to 80% on current assets!

By applying a first level, high efficiency filter to your email framework, you no longer need to manage high volumes of spam.

Découvrez les autres fonctionnalités de SpamExperts

Discover more SpamExperts features

Quarantine and reports

We provide a full search tool complete with advanced quarantine features, so you can monitor the status of incoming emails at the systems level.

Double deployment options

Opt for our Cloud Hosted Service or have the Inbound Filter directly installed into your local hardware.

Simple usage

Adding your domain to the recipient email server enables full automation of MX records editing.

Integration and automation

SpamExperts provides ready-made add-ons to seamlessly integrate the Inbound Filter with key control panels and other collaboration email tools (cPanel, Parallels Automation, Parallels Plesk, DirectAdmin, ISPsystem and OpenXchange).

Supported messaging servers

Our solutions are completely autonomous and support all SMTP-enabled email servers (Exchange mail filter, Zimbra mail, Postfix mail filter, Exim, qmail, Lotus and more).

Full support and updates

Our team operates, maintains, monitors and updates the SpamExperts Inbound Filter and syncs it with our central databases around the world in real time.

Pending files delivery queue

The SpamExperts delivery queue brings an extra layer of redundancy in case the recipient server can not be reached.

Queued messages are sent to the recipient email server when it is possible to access it, avoiding emails to fall into the wrong hands or to be returned to the sender. Queued emails can be read and accessed via the web interface.


Our core web interface includes access to various authorization levels, tagging options, and other functionalities like automatic user detection, attachment management, as well as whitelisting and blacklisting tools.

Filter quality and efficiency

SpamExperts' unmatched spam data is the direct outcome of millions of emails being processed.

Our inbound email filters have industry leading rates with close to 100% filter accuracy and near zero false positives.

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