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Register your .pics domain name

Register or transfer your domain name .pics now

Why choose a .pics domain?

Taking pictures has become an ordinary action in our daily lives. Today, the majority of mobile phone and tablet users have an instant access to their cameras: selfies, landscapes, portraits, stories... they represent the daily checklist of most people.


Those involved in the world of photography should use the extension, ".pics" to advertise and share their work online. It is worth to mention that the ".pics" extension is one of the new top-level gTLDs assigned by the ICANN.

Is the .pics extension right for me?

You take your phone with you wherever you travel, and have become a true expert at capturing images in the moment, yet your phone is packed full of pictures!

What is the best way to display your pictures? There is one solution: Register a .pics domain name and launch a website to show off all of your photography skills! 


The .pics top level domain is available for registration by any individual or company.

Registration, Renewal, Transfer…

All you need to know about the processes !

How do I register a .pics domain name ?

$43.50 per year

To register your .pics domain name, you must first check the availability of your domain name.

Once it is valid, you can start your procedure via the registration form available on the website.

How do I renew a .pics domain name ?


Genious Communications informs the customer of the expiration of the domain name thirty (30) days and ten (10) days before the expiration date with an additional reminder five (5) days after the expiration date.

In any case, you can easily renew the domain yourself from your customer area in your personal account.

How do I transfer a .pics domain name ?


If the Customer wishes to transfer his domain name to another provider, he has to :

First wait sixty (60) days after the registration of the domain name to be able to carry out the transfer.

Finally, disable the Registrar Lock to unlock the domain name.

Retrieve the EPP code from the Client Interface,

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