Terms of Service

Article 1 : Définition

Genious Communications is a limited liability company with a capital of 1.200.000,00 MAD registered with the Trade Register under number 28655, whose office is located at Boulevard Allal El Fassi, Operation Boustane 1, Building E, Apt. 6, Marrakech, specialized in web hosting and domain names registration.

The bill displayed on line is an integral part of this contract. Any online order for a product or service from Genious.net involve the approuvement of this contract.

Article 2: Identity Genious Communications

  • Headquarters Address: Bd Allal El Fassi – Opération Boustane1, Imm. E, N° 6, 40 000, Marrakech
  • CEO: Hamza Aboulfeth
  • Trade register: 28655- Patent : 67095151 -–Taxe ID :06521385 - R.I.B: 022 780 000 133 00 040050 15 74
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Site web: www.genious.net
  • Tél: 00 212 5 24 29 11 41
  • Fax: 00 212 5 24 29 11 42

Article 3 : Contract

This contract is to determine the general conditions under which Genious Communications provides for client products and services available on the website www.genious.net

Any new version of the Terms of conditions will be applicable to any Genious Communications services directly after its publication.

Article 4 : Products

Customer Area : Genious Communications proceeds to the activation of customer’s service after the payment of the invoice. The contract between the customer and the company is formed at the time of validation of the product. The customer receives his password to the email address provided on the form already filled in the order. These identifiers are used to manage Genious Communications products (Access to domain names, access to dashboards, expiration date of products, invoices…)

.MA Domain names : Registration, renewal and transfer of domain names with the extensions .MA, .CO.MA, .NET.MA, .PRESS.MA et GOV.MA are subject to the acceptation of our DOTMA terms and conditions [FRENCH]

Web Hosting: Genious Communications offers to customers a domain name and an associated disk space, after the payment of the invoice the cost depends on the product for which the client has opted.

The customer will choose its domain name (web address), as long as it is available and meets the following naming policy of the chosen extension. The customer is free to decide the content of their web space as long as it respects the laws and regulations in their country of origin.

It is forbidden to publish any type of content associated directly or indirectly to:

  • Pirated programs
  • Racism
  • MP3 and derivatives copyrighted
  • Online gaming (electronic casinos, etc.)
  • Software peer to peer (Kazaa, eDonkey, etc.)
  • Pornography
  • Eroticism in all its forms
  • Pedophilia
  • Illegal activities
  • To an IRC network and / or IRC Bots

Genious Communications has the right at any time and without notice, to offline any content that seems not meeting the regulations in their origin country.

Article 5: Renewal of service subscribed

Upon renewal, Genious Communications sends reminders to its customers through three successive mails, the invoice must be paid in advance before the dedline.

The service is automatically suspended by our system if the invoice is not paid in time. This notification is made exclusively by e-mail and it is sent to the billing contact entered while ordering (e-mail address to maintain under the Customer's responsibility).

Article 6: Termination

The Customer may terminate the contract binding him to Genious Communications at any time with a notice period of 30 days. For that, any amounts due by the customer to Genious Communications must be paid before. This cancellation will not result in any refund.

Article 7: Resources and Support

Genious Communications provides IT performance and availability of the operations team, allowing our company to offer its customers a very high reactivity to customer requests via customized solutions. The Genious communications company provides a technical support available by phone and email.

We are available by mail on [email protected] and by phone at 05 24 29 11 41. Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm.

Article 8: Obligation and customer responsibility

When opening an account, the customer must maintain a valid email address, Genious Communications communicates to the client by Email codes and passwords that allow the operation of the server. These data are confidential. The information can be edited from the customer area designed for this purpose. The customer must contact Genious Communications in case of no-renewal of a hosting service, within a period of 15 days before the renewal date of the service. In case the customer didn’t prevent this particular before the renewal date, the bill for the service will be due.

1 - Using scripts CGI / PHP / ASP: Genious Communications provides hosting packages that enable the use of CGI, ASP, PHP and other executable programs. These scripts are used much more in comparison to simple system resources PHP pages, thus resulting in limitations in the use of these features.

Scripts must use acceptable system resources. Scripts that use a lot of CPU cycles and a large RAM space will then be suspended or additional charges may be applied accordingly.

Genious Communications will be involved in possible to notify customers that uses scripts with too large percentage of system resources before their suspension.

If the scripts generate problems for other customers or they take too much resources they may be suspended without notice.

Scripts must never interfere with the server configuration or hardware. The application of such scripts may result in the cancellation of the direct client account without prior notice.

2 - Using PHP / MySQL: The user is aware that the incorrect use of MySQL and PHP (loop scripts) can cause the malfunction of the site on a shared server, and get a suspension to the site in question without prior notice to ensure better quality of service to all clients on the server.

3 - How many is there really of disk space and bandwidth in our "unlimited" offers ? There are no limits on disk space or bandwidth that we provide in this shared hosting package. That said, we need all of our customers to be fully agree with our terms of use and use disk space and bandwidth in the normal operation of a personal website or a small business.

Although this is rare, but we can proceed to the limitation of an account that uses excessive resources, otherwise it will affect other users of the same server.

Typically, customers who encounter these problems are those who use their shared hosting accounts for storage, file sharing, streaming or any high traffic website. If you want to host this type of website you visit our page dedicated for cloud-vps or dedicated server.

For example, customers that have an impact on other clients or use 25% of resources for more than 60 seconds would be in violation of our terms of use.

Article 9: Responsibility Genious Communications

1 - Contents: Genious Communications does not control the content hosted by its customers, either through its hosting account or mail account that are sent to it.

Genious Communications is not responsible in any case of the content of its customers, including:

Any type of information, images, sounds, text and multimedia content of any conflict with laws and regulations.

Violation of the property rights, in whole or in part on the customer's web hosting account.

2 - Accessibility: Genious Communications agrees to provide all the necessary care in the provision of quality services. It will:

Provide access to content via the Internet 24 hours / 24 and 7/7 every day of the year. If required, GENIOUS COMMUNICATIONS reserves the right to suspend the server to perform a technical intervention to adjust its operation. GENIOUS COMMUNICATIONS will inform in advance in term of possible, the Client within a reasonable time by informing him of the nature and duration of the intervention for the Client to make arrangements.

3 - Safety : The responsibility of Genious Communications can not be held liable for fraudulent intrusion on the hosting account or mailboxes despite of all the security measures taken by Genious Communications.

4 - Force Majeure : Genious Communications will not be liable for any failure or delay where the reason for the failure was due to the occurrence of a Major force usually recognized by law case.

The obligations under this contract for the duration of its existence is suspended in a case of Major force.

However if the Major force extends to a period bigger than 20 consecutive days, both parties will have the opportunity to automatically terminate this contract.

Article 10: Jurisdiction

Web hosting prices and services offered are those listed on the our website. The prices displayed on the website are Taxfree and are payable in Dirhams, Euros, and Dollards… depending on your location. The price of prepaid services is guaranteed for the period.

Genious Communications reserves the right to use without delay any new tax or any change in the value of the existing taxes.

Only Moroccan courts have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes. This contract is taken out for a period of one year starting the effective date of the service.

The payment of the annual fee must reach Genious Communications at least 48 hours bedore the due date.

Ilenious Communications au plus tard 48h avant chaque date d'échéance.

Any delay or failure of settlement by the customer will result in an automatic suspension of this contract.

In case of non-respect of the terms and conditions the client account may be suspended without notice and refunding.