thawte SSL Web Server Certificates

Organization-validated Thawte SSL Web Server certificates help your customers make sure your company is legitimate. Thawte is a recognized brand in more than 240 countries around the world. Take advantage of the level of expertise and benefit from proven security from Thawte. Thawte SSL Web Server gives you the ability to secure up to 250 domains with only one SSL certificate.

What do you get with Thawte SSL Web Server certificate?

With Thawte SSL Web server, secure up to 250 domains with a single certificate, and benefit from strong encryption up to 256 bits and a guarantee of 1,250,000 $.

thawte SSL Web Server Certificates CHARACTERISTICS


Organization validation

The Thawte SSL Web Server allows to verify if the domain corresponds to the company.


1 year

The duration indicates the period of the certificate’s validation period.


1,250,000 $

An insurance is available when a user loses his money in a fraudulent transaction.

Transmission time

Several days

Transmission time depends on the time it takes to generate a Thawte SSL123 Certificate.


Validation OV
Site Seal Dynamic
Green bar
Malware Scan
Included SANs Up to 250 domains


Encryption level 256-bit
Server licenses illimited
Browser Compatibility 99.9%