Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain

PositiveSSL Multi-domain is part of Sectigo brand, one of the largest leaders in the industry. This certificate validates the main business domain (DV) and two additional domains. In just a few minutes, you can secure up to 2,000 domains with a single certificate, benefit from an extremely strong 256-bit encryption and a guarantee upto $ 50,000!

What do you get with the Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-domain certificate ?

Sectigo PositiveSSL multi-domain allows you to secure a main domain as well as two other additional domains with or without www, by a single certificate!

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain CHARACTERISTICS


Domain validation

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-domain validates the company’s domain.


1 year

The duration indicates the period of the certificate’s validation period.


50,000 $

Insurance is available when a user loses his money in a fraudulent transaction.

Transmission time

A few minutes

The issuance time is relative to the time required to generate a Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-domain certificate.


Validation DV
Site Seal Dynamic
Green bar
Malware Scan
Included SANs 1 principal domain + 2 SAN


Encryption level 256-bit
Server licenses illimited
Browser Compatibility 99.9%