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Rukovoditel is a free web-based open-source project management application that is aimed at small development teams. A far cry from traditional applications, Rukovoditel gives users a broader and extensive approach to project management. Its customization options allow users to create additional entities, modify and specify the relationship between them, and generate the necessary reports. The platform enables users to craft their own application that is specifically tailored for their activity. Rukovoditel can be implemented not only as a project management tool, but also as a CRM platform, or a combination of both. Rukovoditel is divided into the Standard Part and the Extension. The Standard Part comes with tools for designing and configuring a custom application. The Extension is loaded with reports and tools for more efficient data management.

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  • Version : 1.9.1
  • Release Date : 06-09-2017
  • Required Disk Space : 61.38 MB

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