Genious SSL certificates for a simple domain

SSL Certificates for simple domain allow you to secure a single domain name with and without www.

Example : et

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Genious Easy SSL

$9.50 per year



Multi domain






Genious Easy SSL is a DV type certificate belonging to the Genious SSL range. Our certificates allow you to secure your website a few minutes after validation of the domain. Enjoy powerful 256-bit encryption and guaranteed reliability at a very reasonable price!

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Genious Smart SSL

$62.50 per year



Multi domain






Genious Smart SSL is an OV (Organization validation) certificate. Compatible with 99.9% of Internet browsers, with a high encryption level up to 256-bit, this certificate is the ideal solution for securing your web platforms as well as your company's internal servers.

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Genious EV SSL

$139.50 per year



Multi domain






Genious EV SSL allows you to easily boost your online trust with the green address bar and the verification of your company on internet browsers! This EV certificate that validates the legal existence of your company has a 250-bit encryption and a guarantee of up to 1,000,000 $!

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Frequently asked question

For SSL certificates

What is the difference between DV, OV and EV?

Before generating an SSL certificate, the certificate authority (CA) must check that you own the domain names you want to secure.

There are three levels of validation, depending on the type of SSL certificate you want :

DV validation (Domain Validation) : DV certificates are the fastest SSL certificates to be generated, usually, the validation is done via email, CNAME (DNS) or HTTP.

OV validation (Organization Validation) : OV certificates are reserved to companies. The CA makes a few actions to verify that the company exists and is working (as is it done for a DV validation), examine the legal documents of the company, and make phone calls to check that the business is contactable. This validation may take several days.

Validation EV (Extended Validation) : The EV certificate is reserved to companies as well and offers the highest level of validation. The CA makes a verification similar to the one applied for an OV validation, and verifies in addition to that, that the domain name to be secured is registered under the company name. This type of certificate may take several days to be validated. Once an EV certificate is configured, the company name appears on the browser's address bar.

How do I install my certificate?

Once your certificate is ready, you will need to install it on your cPanel account or on your server. For this matter, we have put at your disposal a complete guide for Mutualises/cPanel hosting plans by clicking here

If you need assistance regarding the configuration of your SSL certificate, you can reach out to our technical team.

The installation process cost starts from $15.00 and can change depending on the type of the certificate and the server on which it will be configured ! Don’t hesitate to request information before buying your SSL certificate or send us an email to in which you need to mention the name of the certificate you want to be installed plus the type of server.

Do I need an SSL certificate for each domain ?

There are certificates that can secure multiple domains and subdomains such as Multi Domain and Wildcard certificates. The advantage of this type of certificate is that you won’t need to manage multiple certificates separately and verify the expiry date of each one of them.

Is it possible to install an SSL certificate on multiple servers?

SSL certificates can be installed on multiple servers. However, there are some certificates (e.g : Symantec certificates) that can be installed in only one server, the good news is that you will have the possibility to increase the number of servers to secure while ordering.

What is the difference between a Wildcard and a Multi-domain?

Wildcard certificates can secure a single domain name and subdomains with one certificate (example:,, etc.).

Multi domain certificates allow you to secure multiple domain names and subdomains following your need, you just need to choose the number of Additional Domains (SAN) to be added. (Example:,, etc.)

How long is an ssl certificate valid ?

SSL certificate validity is now 1 year. It is necessary to know that SSL certificates are not renewable ! In fact, a new certificate must be generated and installed before the expiration date of your current certificate.

How can I generate my CSR (Certificate signing request)?

You can generate your CSR directly from your server, or by using our guide available on this link.

What does the SSL certificate guarantee cover?

The warranty protects the user. If this latter loses his money to a fraudulent site certified by the CA with an SSL certificate, an insurance will refund him for this warranty.

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