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Web Firewall

Website and applications security solution

Adopt a proactive, pre-emptive security approach to against attacks or infections by blocking cyberthreats while still allowing good traffic to pass through.

Find and fix any security holes in any CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla, WooCommerce and Magento.

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Stop web attacks now

Web Firewall Main Features

The goal of a website is to draw traffic, but with no firewall, you have no protection from malware.

Web Firewall keeps websites and applications safe from malicious traffic and threats, caused by cybercriminals, malware bots or DDoS attacks. Paired with Web Accelerate , that increases your site's speed by up to 50%, users will get a secure and optimized browsing experience.

Les principales caractéristiques de Web Firewall

OWASP Top 10 Protection

Security protection against critical threats including SQL injection, cross-site scripting, unauthorized resource access, and remote file inclusion, among other OWASP Top 10 threats.

Malware Bot Protection

Using bot behavior and IP analysis, Web Firewall identifies legitimate website visitors from malicious automated ones.

Backdoor Access Protection

The Web Firewall technology detects backdoor files and prevents malware from accessing them, keeping your website safe from any unauthorized access.

Brand Image Monitoring

The Web Firewall's ability to block attacks exploiting the OWASP Top 10 facilitates the protection of your brand reputation and delivers a safer user experience.

Web Firewall Benefits

A website is under attack with an average of 62 times a day. Web Firewall keeps you safe from cyber threats and ensures high availability for your websites and apps.

Peace of mind

Make sure you have always up-to-date protection against cyber criminals with 99.99% attack blocking accuracy for your website.

Improved Speed

Firewall protected websites perform up to 50% faster than those without.

Brand Integrity

More than 24% of website owners suffer damages to their reputation due to a security incident. Web Firewall prevents this from happening to you.

Preserve your SEO

Keep your SEO safe and remove malware before it is detected by search engines.

Full compatibility

The Web Firewall is fully compatible with SSL and can easily be integrated with any website and CMS, providing you with a multilayer proactive solution in just a few clicks.

Stay Informed

Get the latest updates with Web Firewall's easy-to-use dashboard and graphical reports displaying your security status.

Les avantages de Web Firewall

Identify your needs, choose your plan and secure your platform


$153.00 per year

Web Detect

Web Patch

Web Clean

Web Backup and Restore

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$302.50 per year

Web Detect

Web Accelerate

Web Patch

Web Clean

Web Backup and Restore

Web Firewall


$454.00 per year

Web Detect

Web Accelerate

Web Patch

Web Clean

Web Backup and Restore

Web Firewall

Web Comply

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