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Your website is accessible at all times without delay all over the world

Our global DNS Anycast platform is a powerful tool to speed up the response time of your web pages.

With instant purging, real-time scanning, smart caching, and built-in DDoS protection, the load speed of your websites can be improved by up to 68% while saving an average of 40-70% in bandwidth.

Find and fix any security holes in any CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla, WooCommerce and Magento.

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Improve my website's access

Web DNS Main Features

Improve accessibility by extending your DNS (Domain Name System) to our global anycast network.

Using the anycast DNS platform means that even if a DNS server or zone is down, your website will remain online.

Our services help improve TTFB (time to first byte) as users search for your site on our network, because we link it to the location of the closest name server, allowing for a quick response.

The platform also features built-in DDoS protection to keep your DNS zone secure.

Les principales caractéristiques de Web DNS

Intelligent routing

In our global Anycast network, DNS traffic is automatically routed to the most optimized DNS server. This leads to faster website response time.

Failover and Load Balancing

Intelligent traffic management and uninterrupted transfers help reduce or even avoid DNS server loads and downtimes.

DDoS Protection

Our DNS is protected by network-layer DDoS defense, keeping your DNS zone always available and secure.

IPv6 Support

IPv6 compliant and recursive DNS with more features and IPv6 support to come.

Web DNS Benefits

Keep your DNS fast, secure and online.

Global Presence

Web browsers requests are forwarded to the closest DNS server for optimal user experience.

Improved speed

If the DNS server is not close to the client, it causes a slow lookup, resulting in longer loading times for your web pages.

DDoS Protection

Our “enterprise” level DDoS protection keeps your DNS zone safe and secure from DDoS attacks all the time.

Near real-time updates

Need to change a record? Our record updates are propagated globally in only a few milliseconds!

Technical Support

Featuring full support for your web security, our team of experts is on hand to assist you 24/7 via phone and tickets.

Guaranteed 100% uptime

Thanks to intelligent routing and anycast, your DNS zone is never offline. If an outage occurs anywhere in your region, all requests are automatically sent to the next available DNS server.

Easy to manage

Whether you are a technical expert or just looking to set up your DNS, Web DNS can be set up within a few minutes.

Les avantages de Web dns

Identify your needs, choose your plan and secure your platform


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Web Detect

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Web Clean

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Web Detect

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Web Patch

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Web Firewall


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Web Accelerate

Web Patch

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Web Backup and Restore

Web Firewall

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