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Web Backup and Restore

Daily automatic backup and restore of your website.

Daily backups and one-click restore prevent you from losing your data in case of any attacks or website failures: whether from cybercriminals, from human errors or from server crashes.

Find and fix any security holes in any CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla, WooCommerce and Magento.

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Backup my site now

Web Backup main features

A defenseless website can become the object of cyberattacks at any time. It could also experience a hosting server crash or even a simple code bug. With Web Backup you can recover a working clean version of all your website files with just one click!

You can choose between automatic or selective backup and restore of your files; you get the same flexibility and reliability that more than a million websites currently have access to.

Les principales caractéristiques de Web Backup

One-Click Restore

Save time by having easy local access to your files at any time. Restoring your entire website has never been faster or more reliable.

Modification Tracking

Track changes to your website with built-in detection technology alerting you to file additions, changes or removals.


We back up thousands of websites and databases for our clients with rock-solid reliability and durability.

Automated Backup

Choose the frequency of your scheduled backup from 1 to 4 times per day with several options available: FTP/SFTP/FTPS file backup, MySQL/MSSQL database backup and WP plug-in. All backups are time-stamped, tracked and guaranteed.

Built-in security

Website files are automatically scanned, corrected and deleted before any data is saved. AES 256-bit encryption secures all of your files.

Web Backup Benefits

Much more than simple restoration or backup!

Full protection

Fully automated malware removal before every backup and after every restore.

Easy to use

In the event of a crash or a bug, you can restore a proper version of your website or retrieve some of your files with just one click.

Save time

Set the automatic backup time that works better for your business.

Track your website's availability

Monitor your website's uptime, get notified of any changes and download a clean version with no website disruptions.

Technical Support

Our team of security experts is always available to help you out 24/7 via phone or ticket.

Instant alerts

Stay informed with instant notifications. Get email alerts related to any additions, changes or deletions made to your website.

Select Recovery

Access each full backup with detailed timestamp and info to select the files you want to recover or choose a full restoration.

Unlimited Backup

Unlimited backup and restore of your files and databases!

Les avantages de Web backup

Identify your needs, choose your plan and secure your platform


$153.00 per year

Web Detect

Web Patch

Web Clean

Web Backup and Restore

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$302.50 per year

Web Detect

Web Accelerate

Web Patch

Web Clean

Web Backup and Restore

Web Firewall


$454.00 per year

Web Detect

Web Accelerate

Web Patch

Web Clean

Web Backup and Restore

Web Firewall

Web Comply

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