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Web Accelerate

Secure and speed up the content delivery of your website

With an advanced global network of servers delivering content at lightning speed, the loading time of web pages is cut considerably.

Web ACCELERATE is supported by all CMS (content management systems) such as WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla, WooCommerce and Magento.

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Improve my site's performance

Web Accelerate Main Features

Web Accelerate provides innovative features, powerful performance and a global footprint.

With instant purge, real-time scanning, intelligent caching, and integrated DDoS protection, your website's load speed can increase by up to 68% while bandwidth is reduced by an average of 40% to 70%.

Les principales caractéristiques de Web ACCELERATE

Intelligent and personalized caching

We store the latest and most popular content in our global PoP sites in close proximity to where it is searched. You can choose the duration and location of the storage.

Instant purge

Immediate removal of content from our CDN "content delivery network" (whether via the customer portal or via the API) is as easy as one click!

DDoS Protection

Full 3-4 layer DDoS protection to prevent your website from overloading due to heavy traffic, ensuring high accessibility all the time.

Enhanced SEO (TTFB)

TTFB is the time required to receive the first byte from a server after a URL is typed. It is a critical part of your website's SEO.

Web Accelerate will reduce your TTFB by using intelligent caching.


Deliver your website content faster and safer.

Peace of mind

Web Accelerate provides peace of mind by protecting your site against Layer 3-4 DDoS attacks. It deploys the appropriate defenses after automatically detecting threats.

Improved Speed

Take advantage of strategically placed data centers around the world with caching servers and large storage capacities for a significantly faster website.

Boost visitors' trust

Build customer confidence with a security badge to show that your website is protected.

Maintain your SEO

Remove malware to stop it from affecting your website's search engine rankings.

Technical Support

With complete support for your web security, SSLs and CDNs, our team of experts is on hand to assist you 24/7 by phone or ticket.

Instant Alerts

Stay informed about how site traffic is affecting your load time. Get email alerts and have access to your security control panel.

Les avantages de Web accelerate

Identify your needs, choose your plan and secure your platform


$153.00 per year

Web Detect

Web Patch

Web Clean

Web Backup and Restore

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$302.50 per year

Web Detect

Web Accelerate

Web Patch

Web Clean

Web Backup and Restore

Web Firewall


$454.00 per year

Web Detect

Web Accelerate

Web Patch

Web Clean

Web Backup and Restore

Web Firewall

Web Comply

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