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Linux Shared Hosting

Linux Shared Hosting is dedicated to web sites which principal particularity is to be shared. This type or architecture is designed for low or average visiting rate, requiring access to server's ressources only during some periods. The server administration is ensured by Genious Communications.

Detailed comparison

Awesome Pack

Ideal for E-Commerce and Audio/Video streaming

  • 100 Gb disk space
  • 40 Gb disk space
  • 750 Gb bandwidth
  • Email Addresses Illimited
  • Domain Name Included

999.00 Dhs

Anually Ex.VAT

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For information sites and web portals

  • 50 Gb disk space
  • 20 Gb disk space
  • 625 Gb bandwidth
  • Email Addresses Illimited

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899.00 Dhs

Annually Ex. VAT


For forums and community sites

  • 25 Gb disk space
  • 10 Gb disk space
  • 500 Gb bandwidth
  • 50 Email Addresses

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699.00 Dhs

Annually Ex. VAT


For Professional sites

  • 12.5 Gb disk space
  • 5 Gb disk space
  • 375 Gb bandwidth
  • 25 Email Addresses

see details

499.00 Dhs

Anually Ex. VAT


For Flash sites and portfolios

  • 5 Gb disk space
  • 2 Gb disk space
  • 250 Gb bandwidth
  • 20 Email Addresses

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399.00 Dhs

Anually Ex. VAT


Perfect for showcase sites

  • 2.5 Gb disk space
  • 1 Gb disk space
  • 125 Gb bandwidth
  • 10 Email Addresses

see details

299.00 Dhs

Anually Ex. VAT


Ideal for static sites and Blogs

  • 1 Gb disk space
  • 400 Mo disk space
  • 50 Go bandwidth
  • 5 Email Addresses

see details

199.00 Dhs

Annually Ex. VAT


cPanel is a very easy to use control panel, with its large selection of tools you'll have a full control and visibility of your shared hosting space.

On-line demo


Thanks to our Génie installer you can install one of many known applications (Blogs, Forums, CMS...) within few minutes. That's not all, it will also take careof the updates and backups.